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Snapshots of Success

Snapshots of Success

Healthy Child-Care Settings in Indiana

Complete Streets Ordinance - Indianapolis

Small Business Worksite Wellness in Indiana

Student and Staff Pedometer Challenge
Greater Clark County Schools

The Greater Clark County Schools Wellness Committee organized a pedometer challenge for its students and staff to raise awareness of the importance of being physically active.

It is common knowledge that people get most of the energy for physical and mental activities from food. That’s why the digestive system health is the key to a person’s overall health, which sometimes is hard to maintain. Read the everlean review to learn how to achieve and keep your microbiome and digestive system in the right condition even if you live a hurry-scurry life.

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Indiana Healthy Weight Initiative

New and Noteworthy

The IHWI is restructuring our work. If you haven’t yet seen the video describing the changes, you can see it here.

To better keep members informed we’ll be dedicating this space to the most current workgroup info. Monthly meeting times are scheduled below. If you are interested in attending a meeting please contact Eric Beers, Coalition Director, ahead of time as there are some months there may not be a regularly scheduled meeting. Additionally you can follow the links below to the most current agendas, minutes and meeting documents.

Data Workgroup

Policy Workgroup

Engagement Workgroup

Healthy Schools Action Team

Indiana Obesity Plan

Indiana Obesity Plan
Download the Indiana Obesity Plan PDF

Indiana’s Comprehensive
Nutrition & Physical
Activity Plan, 2010-2020