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Indiana State Department of Health Chronic Disease Fact Sheets

Breastfeeding Report Card – United States, 2012

State Indicator Report on Children’s Food Environment, 2011

State Indicator Report on Fruits and Vegetables, 2009

State Indicator Report on Physical Activity, 2010

Diabetes, Obesity and Physical Activity Data for Indiana
The National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, National Diabetes Surveillance System provides data at the national, state and county levels. Indicators provided for mapping include diabetes, obesity and leisure time physical activity.

Trust for America’s Health: State Data (Indiana)
Provides public health data and information

Children and Youth

Indiana State Department of Health Youth Risk Behavioral Survey Fact Sheets

Kids Count Data Center (The Annie E. Casey Foundation)
Contains data profiles for national, state and local entities such as rankings, maps, or trend graphs by topic; and raw data. Includes over 100 measures of child well-being.

National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH)
Provides national and state information about children’s health and well-being


USDA Food Desert Locator
Map food deserts and view census tract-level statistics on population groups with low access to healthy foods in Indiana.

USDA Food Environment Atlas
Get a spacial overview on Indiana and local communities’ ability to access healthy food and its succcess in doing so.

Other Resources

Community Health Information Resource Guide
Contains useful information for those who would like to use data to assess the health status of an Indiana community.

County Health Rankings
Provides the health of counties using not only traditional health outcomes, but also the broad range of health factors, to mobilize action on the part of governmental public health and in many other sectors that can influence and are affected by health.

The year of the bull will show steel… well, like a Spartan

What to treat yourself to in 2021, when you still have a mask on your face, and in your head — a lot of options for how to improve your immunity? Health is in fashion-this was the cry of the whole leap year, which once again drew our attention to alternative plant-based products, sprouted grains, greenvoshing, interval fasting. Now there is a new fashion for light and color therapy in conditions of unbearable isolation during the coronavirus.
Health in fashion

The more green you eat, the better you feel! Checked!
Health and interval fasting

We eat by the hour!

There is a positive trend in the society towards the development of fashion for health and proper habits. Some people spit on Instagram addiction, but the service is really useful! The social network cultivates fashion for a beautiful body, fitness, healthy lifestyle, and love of sports. A dull bunch of parsley for breakfast, lunch and dinner can gain a huge number of likes, because it has become one of the main health trends in 2021.
Health and sports

Sports can defeat any disease. The main thing is to do it in time!
TOP 5 Healthy Trends: Fashion and trends

Modern fashion is your health. But your beloved fast food is not destroyed either! The usual burgers are ” overgrown “with greens and asparagus, steamed, while successfully” getting rid ” of calories, fat and dangerous carbohydrates, and retain the taste. Indiastyle has collected the top 5 best health trends and trends that are in fashion for the next year.
Health and nutrition

We exclude carbohydrates from the diet. We include vegetables, fruits and a healthy menu
Light and color therapy: the fashion to be positive

A fresh trend-fashion for health will be on everyone’s lips in 2021. Color therapy is a technique that stimulates cell activity, metabolism, improves microcirculation, renews regenerative processes, accelerates wound healing, activates the nervous system, suppresses allergic reactions, and much more. The energy of light and color strengthens the immune system and successfully fights inflammatory diseases.
Health and color therapy

Color and light therapy treat better than any ascorbic acid!
Health trends in 2021

The recipe for a happy person is, among other things, in the right way of life!
Alternative products

Natural farm products, without preservatives and pesticides, are increasingly in demand in 2021. Microgrin is now grown on windowsills, and alcohol has become non-alcoholic, “meat without meat” and “sugar without sugar”. Health trends and trends suggest a high demand in 2021, a fashion for functional food that, with a small amount, saturates for a long time. The fashion of proper nutrition is aimed at plant-based protein diversification and experiments with flavors.
Proper nutrition and health

Imagine that vitamins can be not only in vials or medicinal plates!

The most popular fashion dish of 2020 will remain in the lead for the next year. The bowl or” deep plate ” collects a balanced lunch of fresh ingredients with minimal processing. Fashion for health treats poke bowl and smoothie bowl, dishes cut into cubes of vegetables, herbs, quinoa, rice, fresh tuna or salmon. The trend is just right!
Bowls and health

A beautiful set of fruits and vegetables gives a huge portion of vitamins and improves health
Trends, fashion and superprofessions: nutritionist and nutritionist

Today, every second person on Instagram is a nutritionist without diplomas and work experience, who develops your diet for several thousand rubles. Certified consultants dictate health trends and introduce a lot of new terms into fashion, adjust the menu. Today’s health trends include: probiotics, prebiotics, spread, stevia (a safe sweetener with a specific one), friganism (a current that allows you to reduce food consumption to a minimum), chuvis, and much more.
Bowls and health

Nutritionist — one of the most popular professions in 2021
Interval fasting, autophagy, and the keto diet (healthy ketosis)

In 2016, Japanese biologist Yoshinori Osumi described the mechanisms of autophagy and received the Nobel Prize. Now the fashion for health dictates new trends and trends — interval, periodic, cyclic fasting, as well as fasting. Their essence is to divide the usual diet into strict periods of abstinence from food. They last from 15 to 35 hours. At this time, it is only allowed to drink water…
Health and diet

The keto diet and interval fasting will gain even more popularity in 2021
Health and fast food

In your favorite fast food, try to invest the maximum of useful ingredients
Proper nutrition in fashion

However, fish, vegetables, protein desserts and vegetable food remain in the leaders
Health trends and fashion for techno cosmetics

Smart gadgets are moving to the bathroom shelves. Now girls and men use smart devices that determine the condition of the skin, the degree of its hydration, and texture. So it is much easier to choose care cosmetics. Fashion for health is closely intertwined with artificial intelligence, simplifying life. The apps fully control your health and quality of life: they track your data about the environment, temperature, humidity, and pollen. NFC tags appear on the packaging to identify the ingredients. The fashion for health is supported by such smart gadgets as:

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Fitness Bracelet
health trends to the maximum — Apple Watch Series 5
Nokia Smart Blood Pressure Monitor (Withings)
iHealth Smart Wireless Gluco-Monitoring System (BG5)
smart Blood Pressure Monitor, sleep tracker, smooth posture, etc.

Health and modern gadgets

Now it’s not your mother who looks after your health…
Health is in fashion

Observe the meal hours and stick to them — that’s the whole secret!
Health in Fashion: Research and fun features

The popularization of health fashion gives rise to numerous studies in this area. So the British Tim Spector and Dr. Megan Rossi found that for optimal intestinal health, a person should consume about 30 types of plants every week. Food for mood Mood Foods with nootropic substances increases energy, sleep or brain function, cognitive functions. New health trends also touch on the topic of Ayurveda and fermented foods (kefir, kombucha and kimchi).
Health and new food

Mood food is not a marketing definition at all, but a healthy diet
Health and vitamins

Modern dishes can be not only healthy, but also attractive
Yoga for Health

By the way, yoga and walking in the fresh air were not darkened even during the covid-2019 period
Yoga and self-isolation

Are you afraid to leave the house? Spread the karemat at home!

To keep up with trends and follow health trends, you need to know a few important PP terms in 2021. “Arm yourself” with more information about amaranth or “Aztec bread”, the record-breaking cereal for protein content (16%), elderberry, echinacea, astragalus, turmeric and ginger. The fashion of proper nutrition puts emphasis on reducing stress and improving sleep with the help of popular diets: keto diet, Whole30, paleo and F-factor. Learn about fashion trends, trends and take care of your health, because it is only yours!


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