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Spring — not only the appearance of the first leaves on trees and loud cat weddings, but also the overload of search engines with queries ” How to lose weight quickly?”, “How to effectively lose weight?” and ” How to get rid of fat?» In principle, the answers are known-proper nutrition and regular training. New information on bringing the figure into the desired shape, scientists throw up regularly, but pay attention to it mainly in the spring.
How to lose weight quickly? Experts advise

Planning to lose weight quickly? Prepare for this as a quest

Each of the following facts, advice, and recommendations is the result of lengthy and expensive research. To achieve this goal-guaranteed to get rid of excess weight, you just need to choose the most optimal and strictly adhere to. And don’t forget to download the weight loss app to track your progress.
How to lose weight quickly?

What will you feel when you lose two sizes of weight? “Anchor” this state
What to drink to lose weight?

A new German study has found that by increasing water consumption to 1.5 liters per day, a person will burn an additional 17,400 calories per year. And this is minus 2.5 extra kg. Green tea helps not only in the fight against cancer, but also improves metabolism. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people taking green tea extract three times a day increased their metabolic rate by about 4%. Thanks to tea, you will burn an additional 60 calories a day, which means you will lose almost 3 kg.
What to drink to lose weight quickly?

Drinking mode is important not only for losing excess weight
What and how to eat to become slimmer?

Snacks. Your body will be tricked into thinking that you are constantly eating, so it will never slow down your metabolism, so scientists explain. Arrange five small meals (200 to 500 calories) a day, rather than three large ones. Also, try not to go without food for more than four hours. You will lose weight even faster if you stick to an interval diet.

Cook for yourself. First, takeaway food is a significant part of the budget, the temptation to order delicious food will be minimized. Secondly, when planning your diet, you will know for sure that the body will receive the amount of fruits, vegetables, proteins and healthy carbohydrates that is necessary for health and rapid weight loss.
An interval diet will help you lose weight quickly

The interval diet has proven its effectiveness

Breakfast. It plays an important role in successful weight loss. According to a study published in Obesity Research, almost 80 percent of people who successfully lose weight do not go without breakfast. The ideal morning meal is a high-fiber cereal (another metabolic booster) with skimmed milk and fruit.

Avocado. Research shows that just by adding a little avocado to your lunch (daily), you will no longer mindlessly chew junk food. Cut one in half, sprinkle with a little sea salt, and eat the inside with a spoon, healthy lifestyle trainers advise.
Avocado will help you lose weight quickly

Avocado will decorate any dish

Protein. A small amount of protein at each meal speeds up the metabolism. Your digestive system uses more energy to break it down, so you burn more calories. The optimal protein level is 20 to 35 % of your diet.

Low-fat dairy products. Scientists claim that calcium serves as a switch that causes your body to burn excess fat faster. So, women who ate low-fat dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese), 3-4 times a day lost weight 70% faster than people who refused dairy products.
Skimmed dairy products will help you lose weight quickly

Low-fat dairy products — an important ingredient in diets for weight loss

Iron. If you lack this mineral, your body can’t get enough oxygen for your cells, which slows down your metabolism, nutritionists are convinced. Vegetarians get it from fortified cereals and nuts.

Greens. If you want to lose weight quickly, then sticking to the “green” diet, you will definitely lose extra pounds. Thanks to the presence of fiber and healthy sources of protein, you will feel full and satisfied, without limiting the calorie content.
Quickly lose weight will help greens

“Green” diet helps you lose weight quickly

Citrus fruits. The vitamin C found in these fruits can boost your metabolism and help you burn fat faster and more efficiently. Refresh your diet by eating oranges, tangerines, or grapefruit as an appetizer, adding lemons or limes to flavor the water, or including them in a salad.

Bananas. They contain a lot of potassium, which accelerates the metabolism, regulating the water balance in the body. If you’re dehydrated, you burn fewer calories. Make sure you get at least 2,000 mg: a banana is 450 mg, a cup of milk is 370 mg, and an orange is 250 mg.

Hot pepper. A small amount of jalapeno or cayenne pepper will temporarily boost your resting metabolism thanks to capsaicin. Capsaicin is a compound that causes your body to release more adrenaline and, in turn, speeds up your metabolism. Pepper in the form of spices is also rich in capsaicin.
Hot pepper will help you lose weight quickly

Hot pepper guarantees faster metabolism
What to give up to lose weight quickly?

You have to pay for everything. For the dream figure, too. To lose weight, you should give up some harmful products that give pleasure or become a habit. moreover, in this case, you will save money, and you will spend the released finances on updating your wardrobe. So, what should I remove from the menu?

Sugar. Sweet foods are more high-calorie, and saturate less. There are alternatives. The amount of sugar according to the recipe can be painlessly reduced. Or, for example, replace part of it with vanilla extract or cinnamon.
Meat. Exclude meat from the diet — a quick way to lose extra pounds. Studies show that a vegetarian diet leads to weight loss. To speed up weight loss, replace the protein with vegetable-beans, chickpeas, lentils and dried peas. The researchers found that eating a glass of legumes daily resulted in a loss of one kg in six weeks compared to people who did not eat legumes every day.
Alcohol. Do you want your favorite dishes not to fall directly on your thighs (legs, stomach)? Wash them down with water, not wine. Alcohol slows down the metabolism, depressing the central nervous system.
Starch. Refined carbohydrates, such as bread, potatoes, and rice, cause the release of insulin, which in turn reduces the resting metabolic rate. Opt for wholegrain bread, whole oats, or crushed wheat. And try gluten-free foods.

How to lose weight quickly? Do not eat harmful foods

It’s easy to resist all this if you have an important goal
5 new healthy habits for losing weight

Take a selfie. Not e

veryone likes to take selfies, especially if the figure is far from perfect. However, this habit will help you lose weight quickly and, importantly, consolidate the result. Body photos, as well as tracking weight and waist/hip ratio, are incredibly motivating, according to the researchers. You don’t have to post your progress. Enjoy and rejoice!
Selfies for weight loss

Even Addison Ray is not always happy with her appearance

Say “Ommm”. Stress can contribute to an increase in abdominal fat. When you are stressed, hormones such as cortisol stimulate your appetite, slow down your metabolism, and promote the accumulation of fat in your abdomen. Experts advise you to find an activity that will reduce your stress levels and practice regularly. Yoga, chanting mantras, meditation, collecting puzzles, walking the neighbor’s dog, laughter therapy-the choice of soothing activities is huge.
Yoga will help you lose weight quickly

When mastering yoga, do not try to immediately twist into a knot. And less serious

Sleep properly and have plenty of sleep. A study conducted at the University of Chicago found that people who had only four hours of sleep had a much harder time digesting carbohydrates. The culprit? Increased levels of insulin and the stress hormone cortisol. When you are exhausted, your body lacks the energy to perform its normal daily functions, including effectively burning calories. A great way to balance your metabolism is to sleep six to eight hours a day. Choose the right pose to spend this time as efficiently as possible.
Healthy sleep will help you lose weight quickly

Healthy sleep affects more than just weight

Move while talking on the phone. People who are constantly on the move — crossing and spreading their legs, stretching and walking, talking on the phone-burn more calories. An extra (daily) thousand calories does not linger on the hips and waist of those who do not sit still during telephone conversations.
Do not stand still during conversations on the phone

During conversations on the phone, you can also do strength exercises

Make adjustments to your workouts. The more you exercise, the more your body adapts to it, and you burn fewer calories. A sad fact. If you want to lose weight quickly, consider switching sports. Good news for girls: you lose weight faster at the end of the cycle. Women during exercise burned a third more fat in the two weeks after ovulation and about two days before menstruation.
How to lose weight quickly? Hire an instructor

A strict instructor is a great motivator

For example, if you usually walk, try cycling. And other studies have shown that just four minutes of intense squats, squats, or push-ups can be five times more effective than traditional cardio. Do as many reps as possible in 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat 8 times. You’ll get your heart beating faster and your metabolism working, and scientists say you’ll get the same health benefits, if not more, than if you went out for a run.

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