Laws & Policies

Indiana Code 6-3.1-31.2 seeks to assist small employers with implementing a qualified worksite wellness program and assisting with the associated costs.

NOTICE: The Small Employer Qualified Wellness Program Tax Credit will no longer be awarded after December 31, 2011. To be eligible to receive certification for the 2011 Tax Year, all applications must have been electronically submitted by October 1, 2011 (410 IAC 31-2-4).

Indiana Code 22-5-4 allows an employer to implement financial incentives intended to reduce employees' tobacco use.

Indiana Code 5-10-6-2 requires government and private employers to provide paid break time, a private space, and access to cold storage for women to express breast milk while at work.

Federal Law Requires Breaks for Nursing Mothers, click here.

Fact Sheet #73: Break Time for Nursing Mothers under the FLS, click here.