Get the Facts

The Burden of Obesity in Indiana, 2011 provides information on overweight and obesity in Indiana adults and children. It also provides rates for individual health behaviors related to obesity and lists populations at highest risk for overweight or obesity. Fact sheets are also available for nutrition, physical activity, and obesity that highlight key findings in the report.  Fact sheets highlighting the unequal burden of overweight and obesity among minority children, and youth and adults are also available.

The 2011 Indiana Nutrition Facts about High School Students and the 2011 Indiana Physical Activity Facts about High School Students provide information on overweight and obesity in Indiana high school students. The fact sheets also provide rates for fruits and vegetable consumption and physical activity. Click here to check out more data on high school students. 

The Screen Time Versus Lean Time infographic highlights how much time kids spend, on average, in front of a screen for entertainment each day, and healthier ways they could be spending their time. It also includes tips for parents on how to reduce screen time in the home and get kids moving.