Coalitions & Partnerships

Many resources are needed to prevent and control obesity in Indiana. For this reason, building and maintaining relationships among people and organizations is vital to make change.

The Indiana Healthy Weight Initiative provides information on organizations with statewide networks promoting breastfeeding, healthy eating, and physical activity. Also, information is available on building, maintaining and working with coalitions and partnerships. 

Statewide Networks

Purdue Extension Consumer and Family Sciences

Indiana Breastfeeding Coalitions

Indiana Minority Health Coalitions

Developing and Maintaining Coalitions and Partnerships

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Evaluation Working Group
This group develops information and resources to promote program evaluation in public health. Information is provided on the CDC Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health.

Community Tool Box
Large resource of information on essential skills for building healthy communities. It offers practical guidance in creating change and improvement.

Fundamentals of Evaluating Partnerships: Evaluation Guide
The evaluation guides are a series of evaluation technical assistance tools developed by the CDC Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention (DHDSP) for use by state HDSP programs. The guides clarify approaches to and methods of evaluation, provide examples specific to the scope and purpose of state HDSP programs, and recommend resources for additional reading.

Prevention Institute: Developing Effective Coalitions: An Eight Step Guide
This tool guides advocates and practitioners through the process of coalition building, from deciding whether or not a coalition is appropriate to selecting the best membership and conducting ongoing evaluation.

RE-AIM Framework
Provides a systematic way for researchers, practitioners, and policy makers to evaluate health behavior interventions. It can be used to estimate the potential impact of interventions on public health.

Recommended Community Strategies and Measurement to Prevent Obesity in the United States
This report contains 24 recommended obesity prevention strategies focusing on environmental and policy level change initiatives that can be implemented by local governments, school districts, child care facilities and others to promote healthy eating and active living. A detailed Implementation and Measurement Guide was developed too. The guide includes measurement data protocols, a listing of useful resources, and examples of communities that successfully implemented each obesity prevention strategy.